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Legs still sore; iPAQs & Bluetooth & GPS (oh my!)

Thursday, June 24, 2004 by  
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My shoulder physical therapy doesn’t resume until this coming Tuesday, and my legs are still sore from last Thursday’s lower body workout (my first since the hernia surgery), so today I think I’ll do some cardio and ab work.

Lisa and I will be on vacation from July 10th through July 18th. In all Likelihood the web site won’t be updated during that time – at least not every day. Even though I won’t be on the net much while I’m on vacation, I have to be able to stay “connected” in case there is an emergency at work. I really don’t want to take my laptop, so I broke down and finally bought a Pocket PC – the HP iPAQ 4355. It has integrated 802.11b and Bluetooth, and a built-in thumb keyboard which should be useful when I have to SSH into my servers using PocketPuTTY.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a terrible sense of direction. I’m constantly getting turned around when I’m driving away from my regular routes. Once again, technology comes to the rescue: I went ahead and purchased a Bluetooth GPS Navigation System for the iPAQ. I’ve heard good things about the Belkin BT GPS receiver, but I don’t know how good the software is that comes with it. I think it’s a branded version of Intellinav. Has anyone used that GPS software? It might be very good, so I guess I’ll try it and if it doesn’t work out I’ll go with a 3rd-party software like Mapopolis, Tom Tom or Co-Pilot.

The other big issue was how to mount the iPAQ in the car. I didn’t want to stick anything on the dash or the windshield, and in the S2000 using a vent-mount would interfere with the car’s controls. I did some searching and found the perfect mounting solution: the Arkon CM509 Powered Multimedia Gooseneck iPAQ mount. This thing mounts to the left front passenger seat bolt, and has a flexible gooseneck so the PDA can be positioned any number of ways (or hidden) with ease. The actual mount is powered and has a built-in speaker which is 8 times as loud as the speaker in the iPAQ. This is great, because I’ll be able to hear voice directions at highway speeds with the top down. I can also wire the whole thing into the main stereo system if I want. Getting lost and staying connected while I’m away should not be a problem! Now I just need a Bluetooth cell phone so I can browse the forums while I’m driving. 😉 . God, I’m such a electronic gadget nut…

Time to work my abs and get a sweat going on the elliptical. Have a great day!

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