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Legs STILL sore; My upcoming vacation; Friday & weekend plans.

Friday, June 25, 2004 by  
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The longest my legs have ever been sore after a workout is ten days. That happened when I first started strength training, way back in early 2003. I may break that “record” because today is the 9th day since my June 17th lower body workout and I’m still sore! I was so happy I could lift again that I gave myself an extra tough workout. Yesterday I gave my abs a serious pummeling, so today I’m feeling the pain there as well. I’m excited about tomorrow’s pecs/delt/tricep workout – I hope my shoulder holds up ok. Must… refrain from… lifting… too much. 😉

Lisa and I are getting pretty excited about our upcoming vacation. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten away from it all that I’ll probably answer my cell phone every time I hear a seagull. I’m still trying to decide if the satisfaction of skipping my pager across the water like a stone is worth the expense of having to replace it. The decision will likely come down to how much Ketel One I have in me when it eventually goes off (and it will go off). 😉 If I do toss it, I’ll get it on video.

Ah Friday! A nice cheat meal tonight, followed by a weekend of zooming around town with the top down. I haven’t seen any other black S2000s in Orlando, so if you are in Orlando and see one, it’s probably me. Be sure and say “hi”, or at least flip me off.

Cardio time. Have a good day!

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