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GPS system installed in S2000; WiFi; Upper body weight training.

I installed my GPS system in the S2000 yesterday. I took some photos this morning and updated my S2000 picture gallery with the new shots. There are three new pictures: 1 2 3.

I’m really happy with how the project turned out! I think it looks incredible, and everything works perfectly. No more getting lost!

One of the coolest thing about the 802.11b iPAQ is that no matter where I go there are usually several wireless networks running wide open with absolutely no security – not even WEP. They are usually broadcasting their SSID and running DHCP, so I literally don’t have to do anything to get online. Heh. I just jump on, create a VPN back to my home network and do whatever I need to do online. Yesterday I was driving around through a bunch of neighborhoods near my house and no matter where I went, I always had Internet access. I was sitting in my optometrist’s office yesterday bored out of my mind while waiting for her to come in and give me my yearly eye exam. I grabbed my iPAQ and sure enough there was a WiFi access point running wide open. I jumped on and browsed the forums while I waited. 🙂

Time to lift some weights. I can’t wait! See ya…