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Arthroscopic surgery imminent?

Just a quick “hello” before I head out the door for my early morning physical therapy. I’m going back to my orthopedic doctor on Wednesday, June 16. Unless a miracle happens before that time, I expect I’ll be discussing arthroscopic surgery with him. So be it – I just want the shoulder fixed so I can start lifting again!

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First ab workout in six weeks; New site features.

I’m all excited because this morning I get to do my first ab workout since my hernia operation six weeks ago! My abs are going to be unbelievably sore for at least the next 3-4 days, and I’m totally looking forward to the pain. 🙂 As you can see from the welcome message above, this site now knows you by your forum username (if you are a registered member and you are still being called… [Read more]

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My hernia ordeal is finally over; Last week of shoulder physical therapy.

I saw my surgeon yesterday and, as expected, was given the go-ahead to resume weight training and ab workouts on Monday, June 14th! I’m glad the whole hernia ordeal is finally behind me. Unfortunately I’m still dealing with my shoulder injury, but the physical therapy seems to be helping (albeit slowly). I only have one more week of physical therapy left before I see my orthopedic doctor again, and I’m afraid he’s going to tell… [Read more]

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Tough day ahead; Follow-up on hernia surgery.

Work issues this morning. I’m glad I already got my cardio in because today is going to be a long one, and it starts right now. I do have to go to my surgeon this afternoon for my (almost) 6-week follow up on my hernia operation. Hopefully I’ll get the “all clear” to start lifting weights and this Thursday will be leg day again!

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New web site is a success; First new pictures in almost 6 weeks.

To say that the new site has been well received would be quite an understatement! So far I’ve heard nothing but positive comments, and there’s only been a couple reports of very minor technical issues. Considering how much has changed, that’s pretty amazing. If you or your company is in need of professional web site design services and/or an ultra-powerful & flexible Content Management System (CMS), please keep the pros at Hipercom in mind. You… [Read more]

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The new web site is live!

John Stone Fitness finally has its long overdue facelift! First and foremost I want to thank Sverre (“Duckman”) and the rest of the development team over at Hipercom for all their hard work. I’m really happy with the new design; I think they did a terrific job. I’m sure you will find the site more useful than ever and much easier to navigate. It’s certainly easier on the eyes! The only thing that is not… [Read more]

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Web site framework has been handed off to me – the new web site coming soon!

The framework for the new web site has finally been completed and handed off to me! I’ll be working over the weekend getting all the existing content re-formatted for use with the new web design. It’s going to be a lot of work, but you can expect to see the new site live very soon. 🙂 Sverre (“Duckman”) did a great job on the graphics, menu and layout so I think you are all going… [Read more]

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Shoulder physical therapy (it’s actually feeling pretty good!)

I’m rushing around because I’ve got shoulder physical therapy in about 30 minutes. Just two more sessions to go after today. My shoulder actually feels pretty good this morning!

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Site changes.

I’ve been giving it some thought and have decided that the daily and weekly pictures are going remain on hold. I’ll continue to update the site every day with Daily News and stats, and I will continue to post monthly pictures on the 6th of each month, but the daily pictures are a simply a waste of time at this point because I’m just maintaining my current physique while my shoulder heals. Hey, they had… [Read more]

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Shoulder physical therapy.

I’ve got shoulder physical therapy this morning and am running late as usual. Have a great day!

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