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Yesterday’s workout; Today’s plans.

Sunday, July 25, 2004 by  
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I rolled out of bed this morning and thought, “what the hell is wrong with my chest and arms?” It’s been so long since they’ve been sore I almost forgot what it feels like! So, yeah – I had a great pecs/delts/tricep workout yesterday, and this morning my shoulder hurts no more than it usually does (whew). On the other hand, my triceps, pecs and delts are killing me! I played it safe and used what I once considered moderately heavy weights, but now those same weights were fairly challenging to me: as expected, I’ve lost a lot of upper body strength over the last 8 months. Oh well, I’ll get it back in time. Anyway, I felt great after my workout! My arms were pumped up to nearly an inch larger than they are when cold, and I could barely hold my shaker bottle and make my breakfast. 🙂

I’m going to go wash our cars and putz around in the yard. After that, I might take the S2000 for a spin if it’s not raining. Have a great day, see you tomorrow morning!

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