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Another post-vacation update; Shoulder surgery musings.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 by  
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Post-vacation update: I’m back down to 169.6 pounds and 9% body fat. Losing another 3-4 pounds should put me right back to my normal body fat level of 8%.

I’ve been working my upper body this week and, as I mentioned earlier this week, my shoulder doesn’t feel any worse than it does normally. It sure is nice to feel soreness in my pecs and arms again. My triceps and chest are still on fire from Saturday’s workout, and my biceps are sore from yesterday’s workout. Part of me wants to keep working out and wait until after the summer to have the shoulder surgery, and another part of me is saying “just go get it done”. I don’t really want to spend the rest of the summer in a sling, and I have to move a lot of equipment around at work in early September so if I have the surgery now that could create several problems. I’m leaning towards waiting until fall and continuing to work my upper body. It’s not like I’m making things worse – the impingement is there and it ain’t going away. So, as long as the pain is not bothering me, why not? I’m just thinking out loud now, but I’m going to run this plan by my doctor when I see him and see what he thinks.

Time for my workout: abs and HIIT cardio today. Don’t forget to do your workout! 😉 See you tomorrow!

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