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Hurricane expected to hit us today.

Today should be a fairly normal work day, but tonight the hurricane fun is expected to begin. I’ve got the house ready and we’ve got enough supplies for a few days without electricity (if it comes to that). Lisa and I had our house built just before we were married in 1994. It’s been through some pretty powerful storms and it’s never even come close to flooding. So, unless we’re hit by a crazy offshoot tornado or something, we should be just fine. The servers are also in a very safe location, and there’s generator power at the co-lo facility. Still, anything can happen so don’t be surprised if the site is down during/after the storm.

Workout time! We had plans for tonight, but those are obviously cancelled. Instead we’re going to have a pizza feast and watch DVDs as long as the power stays on. If the power goes out, I’m sure we’ll find something to do… 😉