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I’m going to start bulking.

Because I’ve been able to do upper body workouts for the past few weeks and my shoulder is still holding up, I’ve decided to take advantage of this time and change my focus from cutting to bulking. I’ve already gained about 6 pounds over the past couple of months. Some of it is fat, which I gained while on my vacation, but some of it is muscle: even on my relatively low calorie post-vacation diet I’ve managed to add 1/4″ to my arms and 1/4″ to my chest! This summer I’ve enjoyed a somewhat relaxed diet, allowing myself a few extra cheat meals. I’m going to cut that back to a single weekly cheat meal and I’m going to clean up my diet while increasing my daily caloric intake somewhat over the next few months while I do a slow bulk. I want to add as much muscle as I can without adding too much more fat. Hopefully my shoulder will hold out and I can reach my goals of 16″ arms and a 42″ chest. Obviously I’ll be looking bigger and softer than usual while I do this bulk so, please, no emails telling me I’m loosing my 6-pack. 😉 Once I reach these goals (um, or I blow my shoulder out), I’ll cut back down to 8% body fat.

Cardio time, then another fun-filled day of work. Hopefully I can get enough done at work today so I can take the whole weekend off. I have so much to do around the house that I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done in just two days!