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First bulking workout went well; FAQ update.

Sunday, August 22, 2004 by  
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For those who don’t visit the site everyday, you may have missed the news: I started a bulking program yesterday. Yesterday’s workout, my first “official” bulking workout (pecs, delts and triceps), went extremely well. I’m happy to report that my shoulder is still hanging tough.

Over the past few weeks I’ve gradually increased the amount of weight I’ve been lifting and, thankfully, the strength I’d lost over the past 8 months has returned far more quickly than I expected it would. For most exercises I’m already using 95%-100% of the weight I was using just before I injured myself. I’m moving a little slower on bench press and incline presses because those exercises place a lot of stress on the shoulders. Still, I’m up to 85% of the weight I was using just before my shoulder injury, and that’s pretty good because I had been bulking for a couple of months when I hurt myself. Anyway, if I sound excited that’s because I am! The past eight months have been very frustrating for me. Being able to lift again has given me a huge mental boost.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my shoulder and hernia injuries, so I’ve updated my FAQ with some new information on those subjects.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday, see you tomorrow!

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