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New goals have renewed my enthusiasm!

Monday, August 23, 2004 by  
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It feels great to be bulking again! I feel revitalized and much more excited about working out and eating right than I have in many months. Having fresh new goals has re-kindled my desire and strengthened my resolve. For example, last night just before dinnertime Lisa and I were watching a movie. One of the characters in the movie went out for a pizza. Big deal, right? Well, most of you who have been visiting this site for any length of time know that pizza is not just my favorite food; it’s my culinary Achilles’ heel. Just seeing that pizza in the movie started my mouth watering. God, the pizza looked so good that I wanted to pause the movie, go online and order one right then and there. Last week I probably would have told myself “sure, go for it – you can do things like that once in a while and not get fat.” Instead I said, “you can’t eat that crap – you are in training and your muscles are developing. You need quality foods if you expect to reach your goals.” I did the right thing: I made salmon, broccoli and cauliflower and enjoyed every bite. What I enjoyed even more than the food, though, is that when I was done I felt strong and disciplined. I trust that just about everyone who is reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about…

I need to get my workout done and get to work. Today I’m doing 50 minutes of aerobic cardio. See you tomorrow!

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