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First week of bulking went great; Food intake way up.

Friday, August 27, 2004 by  
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My first week of bulking has gone great! All this extra food is making me feel even more energetic and strong than I normally do, and my weight training sessions have all been excellent. I’ve been steadily increasing the amount of food I’ve been eating – yesterday I hit close to 3,000 calories. Tonight I’ll be having my cheat meal, and that will put me close to 4,000 calories for today (granted they are not all “clean” calories, but that’s what cheat meals are for!)

I always feel extra powerful when doing my Saturday morning weight training workouts, probably because of all the carbs I ingest via my cheat meal on Friday night. My increased caloric intake combined with the creatine I’ve been taking should make for an exceptional workout tomorrow morning (pecs, delts and triceps). No matter how good I feel, I have to remember to show a little restraint and not overdo it – no matter what happens I can’t allow my shoulder to become injured again.

This week has been a very positive one for me. I sure love lifting weights and eating lots of food! If I don’t injure myself again I’m definitely going to get a lot bigger and a lot stronger in the coming months. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m kinda tired of being skinny. 🙂

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