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“I like you with a little meat on your bones.”

Tuesday, August 31, 2004 by  
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Last night I was running around the house in my boxers playing with the dogs and stuff and Lisa said, “Hey, you look good. I like you with a little meat on your bones.” That was great to hear because I’m starting to see a change in my lower abs, which is where I store fat first. I think I’ve finally accepted (and am ok with) the fact that I’m going to lose some of my definition, particularly in the abdominal region, while I’m bulking. You’ll see it when I take my pictures on the 6th. I wish my body would store fat more evenly, but there’s nothing I can do about that. The plus side is, I’m already looking bigger and stronger then I have in a long time. My body seems to be responding very well to the increased food intake, the intense MAX-OT strength training workouts and the creatine. I may not be quite as ripped as I was, but I think I look more healthy now. Once I add some additional mass and reach my bulking goals, I will look much better than I did when I get cut up again.

My shoulder is feeling much better this morning, so I’m off to the weight room to hammer my back and biceps. See you tomorrow!

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