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New sponsor: please welcome Kent Nutrition!

Thursday, September 2, 2004 by  
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I’m very proud to announce that this web site and the forums have added another official sponsor: www.kentnutrition.com! Kent Nutrition doesn’t sell whey, so they are a perfect compliment to our existing whey protein sponsor, All The Whey.

Kent Nutrition offers a very nice line of top quality, low-priced sports supplements. You won’t get fancy packaging, glossy magazine ads or an elaborate web site. What you will get is awesome customer service, fast shipping, high quality products and the lowest price around. You WILL be satisfied, and I recommend them without reservation. Still not convinced? Check out what other Kent Nutrition customers have to say in the official Kent Nutrition review thread on the forum. It was this thread that first got me interested in Kent Nutrition; now I’m a paying customer, and very proud to have them as a sponsor of my web sites.

I chose to limit advertising on this site to a select few companies that offer products and services that I believe in and use. I would not put my name on the line and recommend something that I didn’t stand behind 100%. This site is different than a lot of other sites in that respect, and the companies who sponsor this site are different than a lot of companies you may have done business with in the past. You will be pleasantly surprised by the service you receive. Please support this site and the forums by supporting the companies that help keep it running.

Okay, it’s leg day and I have another (!) hurricane to prepare for. More on that tomorrow. Have a great day!

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