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Not another one! Hurricane Frances is coming…

Friday, September 3, 2004 by  
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As most of you already know, yet another major hurricane is headed directly for the Central Florida area. The approaching hurricane is bad enough on its own, but the fact that many Floridians are still suffering from the effects of hurricane Charlie makes matters much, much worse. I want to thank everyone for their supportive emails, and I also want to wish my fellow Floridians the best of luck as we brace for the storm.

This storm is very big, and very slow. Things may start to go wrong for us as early as Saturday morning, and by Sunday morning we should be in the thick of it. I’m pretty sure there won’t be any problem updating the site tomorrow morning, but after that who knows? If you don’t see the site updated on time, or if you can’t get to it at all, you’ll know why.

Some of you have asked me if the forums and web site are in any danger of being destroyed by the storm. Well, I suppose anything can happen, but the chances of that happening are almost nil. My web site and the forums are backed up each day, and I have multiple copies of everything stored in various different physical locations on remote servers. As an added safeguard, tomorrow morning I’m going make a special hard drive with a backup of all my critical data, remove it from the computer, water-proof and shock-proof it and keep it with me as we huddle in the bathtub with glowsticks. 😉 So, don’t worry – we’ll be back unless the roof falls on me. Even if that happens, I’m squatting quite a lot these days, so I’ll do my best to squat the roof off of us. 😉

Seriously, we have a concrete block home, and we had it built post-hurricane Andrew. After Andrew, building code was changed to require roofs to be lashed down to the foundation. Barring a tornado or debris-come-missile attacks, we should be ok. We may not have power or Internet for a week or more, but if I can I’ll try to update the page somehow after the storm.

Time for my workout, then I’m going to go prepare the house for the hurricane…

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