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Frances has weakened a bit and slowed, but she’ll be here soon enough…

Saturday, September 4, 2004 by  
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Thankfully the hurricane has weakened and is now “just” a category 2. Of course category 2 hurricanes are nothing to sneeze at, but at this point we’ll take whatever positive news we can get. Unfortunately the storm is moving at a crawl. So, when it finally comes, we’re looking at a minimum of many hours of heavy rain and unrelenting tropical storm force wind. The coastal regions will have it much worse. Good luck to everyone in its path.

If you didn’t read yesterday’s Daily News update, you might want to give it a quick read so you’ll know what to expect with regards to this site and the forums post-hurricane.

Because the storm has slowed we should have power for at least most of the day. Very cool. Yesterday I figured that I’d have to do today’s upper body workout in the dark (you didn’t actually think I’d let a little thing like a hurricane become an excuse to skip workouts, did you? 😉 ) If the streets flood and turn into rivers then I’ll do rowing for cardio. I think Henry Rollins’ excellent and well-known quote is germane about now:

When life hands you a lemon, say “Oh yeah, I like lemons. What else you got?”

On that note, I’m off to lift. See you tomorrow (maybe!)

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