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Strength has returned; Shoulder holding up; Cheat meal carbs.

Saturday, September 11, 2004 by  
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I’ve been doing upper body workouts again for about six weeks now, and I’m very pleased (and a little surprised) that my shoulder has been hanging tough so far. I’ve slowly been increasing the amounts of weight I’m lifting, and am pleased to report that I’m now back to 95-100% of what I was lifting (for all exercises) at the time of my shoulder injury. The last time I bulked (late 2003) it took me almost three months to work up to these same weights.

Honestly, I didn’t expect my strength to return so quickly after such a long layoff. It’s very motivating to be back on my game so quickly. I do have some shoulder pain right after my Saturday morning workouts (pecs/delts/triceps), but with a little ice and a couple days of rest it’s back to normal (well, as normal as my shoulder is going to get without the surgery). I hope the shoulder continues to hang in there. I’m very pleased with my progress: so far I’ve added a half inch to my chest, a half inch to my arms and a quarter inch to my quads. My body fat is hanging tight at 9%, so my calories seem to be dead-on. Of course this morning I’m holding about 5 pounds of water thanks to yesterday’s cheat meal. Papa John’s pepperoni pizza always makes me hold a tremendous amount of water (lots of sodium and carbs in each slice).

All those cheat meal carbs make for a great workout the next morning, though, and that’s just what I’m going to go do now. I’m feeling great this morning, and my walls are rattling with very loud motivational music (sorry, neighbors!)

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