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Don’t let your body adapt.

Sunday, September 12, 2004 by  
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As soon as I feel like I’m starting to adapt to my selected weight training exercises, I switch them around. I’ve found that soreness (or lack thereof) in the days immediately following my workout is a good indicator of how adapted my body has become to a particular training routine . Some may disagree with the “soreness” approach, but I find that it works very well for me. I’m generally very sore for at least two days following my weight training workouts. When that soreness is not as intense or doesn’t last as long, I start using new exercises and changing things up. For example, something as simple as switching from decline dumbbell presses to decline barbell presses seems to work well. Switching the order of the exercises around also seems to help. Surprise your body and keep it challenged. When your body is faced with a new challenge it is forced to improve by growing and adapting so that it can overcome. If you allow yourself to grow complacent with your workouts and do the same routine week after week, then you’re wasting your time.

Today’s my day off, and I need it! I changed my upper body weight training routine yesterday and now I’m extra sore this morning. Somehow I have to get out there and mow the lawn, though. After I do that, I’m going to wash the S2000 and take her for a spin and then maybe watch a couple of DVDs with Lisa. Cya!

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