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Traps and straps; Dextrose.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 by  
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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve finally begun working on my traps. I never really worked my traps directly until recently, and the lack of development in that area is very noticeable. I’ve added barbell shrugs and dumbbell shrugs to Tuesday’s weight training schedule and things seem to be going well so far. I can sure tell that I hit them for a few days after my workout! My biggest problem is that my grip starts to slip on the barbell (even with gloves) before my traps start to fail. I’ve never been a big fan of lifting straps, but I may have to use them for barbell shrugs so that my traps can get a good workout.

I got my Kent Nutrition Dextrose in yesterday (10 pounds for less than 10 bucks + fast shipping!), and I’m excited about adding it to my PWO shake. I’m going to start with 30g of Dextrose mixed with my post-workout protein shake (All The Whey 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate). I’d use up to 60g of Dextrose, but I already get additional simple carbs from my post-workout banana and orange juice.

I need to get started on my workout because it’s going to be another busy day at work. It always feels great to start off the day with a good pump!

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