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We survived the hurricane and have power again!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004 by  
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Hi everyone! We made it through the hurricane and finally have power again. It was a long couple of days in the hot, humid and dark house but we are actually very fortunate to have power back already. Progress Energy reports that it could take up to 3 week to restore power to all customers. I can’t even imagine; I thought I was going to go crazy after just 2 days. If I never play another game of “Uno” again that will be just fine with me. We had some minor water damage to the carpet in the computer room, but other than that we got off easy. Some of my neighbors lost lots of shingles and some had tarps on their roofs. The neighbor just to the right us had one of his trees snapped completely in half! For us, this was the most violent of the three hurricanes we’ve experienced over the past 6 weeks.

Thankfully we only lost about $100.00 worth of food (mostly fresh food, some frozen veggies and some salmon). We were able to get the majority of our frozen food to Lisa’s parents’ house (they did not lose power) the day after the storm past and the curfew was lifted. Some of our frozen food would not fit in our coolers, so yesterday I cooked up a massive amount of chicken and shrimp on the grill. I’m going to be eating a lot of chicken and shrimp over the next few days! That’s ok – it turned out awesome!

My thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery go out to all the people who were not as fortunate as we were. This hurricane season has been one hell of a ride so far…

With many of my “normal” foods not available to me, yesterday’s diet was a mess. Last night as soon as the power came on I ran to the store and re-stocked our fresh food supply (I’ve got a back, biceps and traps workout this morning and need my nutrition!) I’m going to go get started on that workout now. I hope it’s a good one, but I’m pretty tired (not much sleep over the past 3 days), and I have not had a day off in over 2 weeks. I’m going to try to take a day off sometime soon or else I may go crazy and/or collapse.

It’s great to be back! Thanks very much for all the kind emails wishing us well! I hope this is the last hurricane for a long, long time.

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