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Become The Journey; Favorite day/workout of the week!

Saturday, October 9, 2004 by  
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If you missed yesterday’s Daily News update, you’ll want to check it out and join me in welcoming our newest Official Sponsor, Jeremy Likness. Jeremy’s e-Book “Become The Journey” is one of the best motivational and educational resources you’ll find anywhere on the subject of body and mind transformations. When you click on any of the “Become The Journey” links found on this site or the forums and then purchase a copy of the book, you are not only arming yourself with the information you need to make an awesome transformation, but you are also helping to support this site and our forums.

It’s my favorite day of the week, and my favorite workout of the week: pecs, delts and triceps! I look forward to my Saturday morning workouts like children look forward to Christmas. If you are prevented from doing something you enjoy for a very long time, it’s amazing what that forced time away will do for your appreciation of the activity you can no longer do. Now that I can lift again, I savor every single moment I’m in the weight room. I think my enhanced appreciation for what I’m doing translates to increased intensity. Intensity provides results. Results provide motivation. It’s an amazing self-sustaining cycle.

I’m feeling strong this morning, and it’s a good thing: I will be using more weight for all exercises than I’ve ever used before. Last week I did the same thing and still managed 3 sets of 6 for all exercises. Time to crank up the music and get started. As always, I’ll try to get some progress pictures up in my Picture Gallery and Video Archive thread later today.

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