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JSF clothing and merchandise coming soon; A time of transition.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004 by  
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I have another announcement that I’m very excited about: very soon you’ll be able to purchase official JSF clothing and merchandise! I’m still deciding what products to offer, so I’d really like to know what kind of stuff you would be interested in purchasing. I’m also very interested in your design ideas. I encourage you to take part in the ongoing discussion and voice your opinions (free registration is required).

As most of you already know, I’ve been brainstorming ways to get this site out of the red. I’ve been paying for everything out of my own pocket for almost two years now, but with my recent pay cut and my decision to begin moving away from my career in IT I can no longer afford to continue running the site at my own expense. Despite my current situation, I absolutely refuse to make any part of this site or the forums pay-for-access; that is an idea that is simply not open for consideration. Also, although they can be quite profitable, you’ll never see annoying pop-ups/unders or other types of intrusive ads on this site. I’ve given this problem a lot of thought, and I think the best way to keep this site and the forums 100% free is to offer quality products to those who want them and have the means to help support the site. Additionally, I will continue to be ultra-selective about accepting sponsors. I don’t endorse a product unless I use it, pay for it and believe in it, and that is another subject on which I absolutely refuse to budge.

This is a transitional time for JSF. An important time. This site and the forums are growing rapidly and my costs are rising. I want everyone to know that I’m doing my best to make the right choices so everything can remain free while moving the site and the forums forward in the same spirit in which I created them. This project has my baby from day number one, and I want nothing more than to see it mature into one of the most useful and unique fitness sites on the ‘net. I sincerely appreciate that you find this site worthy of your time. Thanks for visiting, and for your continued support.

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