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Almost time to resume lifting; Sunday network woes don’t spoil the day.

Monday, October 18, 2004 by  
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Just two more days to go and my MAX-OT week off is finally over. I’d like to say I’ve enjoyed the little break from lifting, but I haven’t. Still, I think my body really needed the rest: I was feeling pretty run down about this time last week, and my left shoulder was bothering me (my right shoulder is the one that is injured). I think all those years of competitive swimming when I was younger did a lot of damage to both of my shoulders. After I finish my bulk I should go to my orthopedic doctor and tell him to just rip into both shoulders – fix them both, once and for all. I’m sure my insurance company will not agree with that course of action.

Right after I posted yesterday’s update, in which I mentioned how great it felt to wake up with nothing to do for once, my pager went nuts: an entire apartment complex that we provide high speed Internet service to went down. Shortly after that little surprise, more pages: a T1 down (in Tallahassee, no less) and a malfunctioning server in Orlando. The sound of that damned pager is like nails on a chalkboard. Same for my Nextel. I was watching a movie yesterday and one of the characters had a phone that rings exactly like my Nextel. I hate it when that happens. Every time the character’s phone rang I jumped and felt tense. To top it all off, the movie absolutely sucked!

Despite the network gods’ best efforts, I still had a wonderful day yesterday. I think the knowledge that I’m taking steps to get out of the IT industry is allowing me to deal with days like yesterday better than I once did: there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Wow, I’m rambling and running late! I need to go get my cardio in and get to work. Have a great day – see ya tomorrow!

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