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No cheat meal tonight; 2nd half of bulking program starting; Donation upgrades.

Friday, October 22, 2004 by  
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I’ll be postponing my normal Friday night cheat meal until Sunday night: Lisa’s parents are coming over on Sunday and we’re going to order pizza and watch a DVD. I think tonight I’m just going to throw some shrimp on the grill – I might as well cook out and take advantage of one of the last remaining days of the year with sunlight at the dinner hour. Daylight Savings Time is almost over for 2004…

I’m really stoked about the second half of my bulking program! The first couple of months went even better than I expected, but I still have a lot of work ahead of me if I expect to reach my goals. I’m going to take my bulking program right through the new year, and I may even keep it going until February. My biggest worries are my shoulders – I sure hope they can hold out that long. Both shoulders were both really bothering me after my last pecs/delts/triceps workout, but I think the week off from lifting helped a lot because they feel pretty good now. Anyway, when I’m done bulking in January or February I’ll start my cutting diet. I’m already looking pretty soft in my abdominal region, so I suppose by February my abs will no longer be visible at all. I figure a two-month cut will be enough to get back down to 8% body fat or so, just like I was before… only this time I’ll have 16 inch arms and a 42+ inch chest!

The Donation/Subscription System has been upgraded and improved based on your feedback. Please check out the changes and consider upgrading your forum membership or making a donation. Thanks.

It’s elliptical time. Have a great day, everyone – I’ll see ya tomorrow!

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