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Sleep returns; My upper body is growing, but so is my waistline!

Monday, October 25, 2004 by  
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I’ve been sleeping much better for the past few days. Of course my pager has awaken me a few times, but getting back to sleep has been much easier. It’s a good thing, because the lack of sleep was really starting to have a profound effect on me. I just don’t function very well without a halfway decent night of rest. A trick I’ve been using to get back to sleep is focusing on a single color, like black. As soon as my mind starts to drift, I shut the new thoughts down and go back to focusing on black. It takes a little while to get good at it, but I’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice lately.

I decided to take the weekend off and not work on anything at all. Another good choice: I feel more like my usual self again this morning, rested and ready to go. Lisa and I hung out together on Saturday, and then on Sunday Lisa’s parents came over and we ate pizza and watched a DVD.

My body fat is now at 11%; my waist is almost at 32 inches and my hips are 37 inches; my pants are fitting a little tighter, and my abs are slowly fading under a growing layer of adipose. It’s a little uncomfortable feeling fat over my pant line when I put on my jeans, but I just keep telling myself that when I’m done bulking it will all be worth it after I cut up. I think my picture on the 6th is going to be a little surprising to some – especially first-time visitors who may look at my before/current photos and say “uh, big deal!” 🙂

Cardio time: 50 minutes on the elliptical this morning and then off to work. Have a good Monday!

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