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Bulking progress report.

Monday, November 1, 2004 by  
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I’m pretty happy with this morning’s measurements. My chest was 39 inches when I started my bulk and it is now 41.25 inches – just 3/4 of an inch from my initial goal of 42 inches. Looking at my chest now, I really wouldn’t mind if I surpassed my original goal and hit closer to 43 or 44 inches.

After some incredible growth, my arms have finally started to slow down (as expected). My arms are slightly over 15 inches now (cold and flexed) – a little less than 1 inch from my goal of 16 inches. Hitting that 16 inch mark is going to be a real challenge!

I’ve also noticed some improvement with my traps. I can’t wait to see those guys start to pop!

Of course I’ve added some fat along with the muscle: my waist has gone from 30.5 inches to 31.75 inches, and I’ve gone from 9% body fat at 173.8 pounds to 11% body fat at 184.8 pounds. So, I’ve added about five pounds of fat and roughly six pounds of muscle. It’s amazing what just 5 pounds of fat will do to one’s abs! Wait until you see my pictures this Saturday – my abs are almost gone! I don’t care, I’ll get my abs back. Because of my genetics, most of my fat gain has been around my mid-section, so my arms still look very cut. I may not look too great with my shirt off right now, but I’m starting to get some very nice comments on my arms when I wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt!

I’d better get started on my workout. Have a good Monday – see ya!

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