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Brief outage this morning; Biceps.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004 by  
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Sorry if you had trouble reaching this site this morning. Connectivity problems beyond my control caused my site and the forums to be unreachable starting from around 6:00 AM until 7:15 AM (EST).

I had a great back/biceps/traps workout yesterday. I switched things up a bit and this morning I’m really feeling the DOMS in my biceps and forearms. Typically I feel very little soreness in my biceps, so I like it when I can get them to scream at me the day following a workout. I deviate from MAX-OT a bit when it comes to biceps and pecs – I do twelve working sets: four different exercises, three working sets for each exercise (MAX-OT specifies 6-9 working sets). I keep my rest intervals as short as possible and my intensity level at 100%.

I’m going to go kill my abs now. See you tomorrow!

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