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Arms growing again; Sleep; Shoulder update.

Thursday, November 4, 2004 by  
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My arms are finally growing again. After fairly rapid initial growth (I was adding roughly a quarter of an inch to my arms every two weeks for the first couple of months of my bulk), my arms hit 15 inches and stayed there for over three weeks. This morning, finally, they measured a hair under 15.25 inches totally cold and with no liquids in me. I’m hopeful that by Monday they will be at or over the 15.25 inch mark. Hitting 16 inches is going to be tough, but I know I can do it! Lately I’ve stepped up my intensity in the gym, changed my workout routine, tweaked my diet and I’m making sure that I get plenty of rest every night. On the subject of rest, I think the lack of sleep and stress I was experiencing a few weeks ago stalled my progress somewhat. Sleep is ultra-important for muscle growth! Unfortunately sleep is something many of us are willing to sacrifice without a second thought. That’s unfortunate, because when it comes to muscle growth a solid eight hours of sleep each night ranks right up there in importance with diet and workout.

My left shoulder was killing me after Tuesday’s workout, but this morning it feels pretty good. Surprisingly my right shoulder (the one I had problems with for all those months) has not been all that bad. Or maybe it’s just not that bad compared to my left shoulder. I hope they survive the next 3 months – I want to bulk until the end of January, even if I hit my goals before then.

Ok, it’s leg day and I need to get started. Train hard!

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