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Saturday, November 6, 2004 by  
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Almost 187 pounds. This is the heaviest I’ve been in almost two years, but most of the weight is muscle now, where before it was almost all fat.

This is how I looked the last time I weighed 186.8 compared to how I look today at 186.8:

186.8 @ 20% Body Fat

186.8 @ 20% Body Fat

186.8 @ 11% Body  Fat

186.8 @ 11% Body Fat

The above pictures demonstrate that weight alone is a pretty useless measurement. Those of you who live and die by what the scale says should be encouraged by the above pictures.

While I was digging through my pictures looking for one in which I weighed 186.8, I started looking at some of my old monthly shots. This is the first time I’ve done that in a long while and I have to say, when I saw some of my summer 2003 pictures, I was completely disgusted. I think after being fat for so long I went completely nuts with the weight loss. People were telling me I was way too skinny and I just couldn’t see what they were talking about. Now when I look at those pictures I’m more repulsed then when I look at the pictures of me when I was fat. I’m going on record today (took me long enough) to say to all the people who said I looked sick “you were right and I was wrong”. Those of you who are losing weight right now, please be careful and don’t overdo it. You don’t want to look like dried up prune, like I did. I think this picture says it all:

July 6, 2003 - Feed me. Please.

July 6, 2003 - Feed me. Please.

Ah, thanks!

Ah, thanks!

I’d rather have a little extra fat any day then ever look like that again!

What a fascinating journey the past two years have been! I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I never gave up. I’ve learned from my errors, and every day I try to do a little better than I did the day before. I’m a completely different person – inside and out – than I was two years ago. Major changes don’t happen when you try to take the easy way out by taking a “miracle” pill or going on a fad diet. You have to alter the way you live and think. You have to make your own mistakes. You have to overcome your fears. You have to work hard, sacrifice and suffer. Enduring these challenges and hardships will make your victories that much more satisfying. I’m so proud of the hundreds – maybe thousands – of you who have changed your lives forever by taking control and doing things the right way. That I have played some small role in many of your transformations is one of my proudest achievements. Thanks for continuing to inspire me – and others. It’s a wonderful cycle… and so it goes!

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