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Thanks to my sponsors!

Thursday, November 11, 2004 by  
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I’d like to start off this morning by thanking my two supplement sponsors, All The Whey and Kent Nutrition. This update is not part of my advertising “deal” with them, I just wanted to do it because I’m so happy with their products. There’s no question about it: part of the reason my bulk has been successful so far is directly attributable to the quality of the supplements I buy from these two companies. The quality of their products is as good or better than anything else out there, which makes their very low prices that much more amazing. One of my Kent orders said somewhere (maybe it was on the free pen included with my order, I can’t recall): “Get big, not broke.” Indeed! That says it all. Of course the cherry on the protein shake is the unparalleled level of customer service you will receive. Expect warm, personal service, low pricing and top-notch quality. I stand behind these two companies 100% and I’m extremely proud to be affiliated with such fine organizations. Please check out what they have to offer and give them a try – you won’t be disappointed.

As long as I’m mentioning sponsors, I’d like to thank Jeremy Likness for all his hard work. This guy shows up just about every day on the forums and spends a great deal of his time helping people and sharing his knowledge. He doesn’t “bait” people with half-assed answers in the hopes that they will buy his book. That’s just not his style. I’ve spoken with Jeremy many times. Believe me when I say, this guy is as genuine as they come. His desire to help others is very real, and his heart is as big as a mountain. I admire Jeremy a great deal on a personal and on a business level. Those of you who have bought his e-Book know what I’m talking about. If you have not yet picked up the Become the Journey package, you should definitely consider adding it to your fitness library. I’ve read it twice now, and I strongly believe that it’s a “must-have” book!

So last night my pager was finally silent. I had trouble falling asleep, though, because I was worried that my pager was going to go off all night again! Once I finally fell asleep I stayed out the whole night, so I feel pretty good this morning. I even snoozed for an extra 30 minutes, but now I’m running behind and I still have a lower body workout to get in before work. I’d better get started! Hopefully I’ll have some time to drop in on the forums later. I’m trying to spend a little more time there these days. Have a great day!

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