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Bulking diet adjustment: more food and more carbs!

Friday, November 12, 2004 by  
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My bulking results have started to taper off over the past few weeks; an adjustment is needed! The obvious answer is that I need more food to support the lean mass I’ve already gained, and more food to continue to grow. I’ll begin to ramp up my daily caloric intake over the next week. I’m already getting plenty of protein and healthy fats, so I’m going to be focusing on eating more carbs, particularly on training days. I plan to add a mix of complex and simple carbs – stuff like rice (brown rice and even wild rice), potatoes (red/new, sweet and white), beans and whole grain pasta. I’m not going to shy away from eating these carbs at night. I’m also going to start having All The Whey casein protein shakes before bed. I’m hopeful that these changes to my diet will help kick start my muscle growth for the final few months of my bulk. I’m pretty sensitive to carbs, so I expect my body fat levels will go up faster than they did during the first half of my bulk. That’s okay – I need to have something to do when I cut. 😉

Yay, it’s Friday! Cheat meal tonight and my favorite workout of the week tomorrow morning. Right now, though, it’s time for some boring cardio and then it’s off to work. See ya!

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