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So very sore; More pec cramps; Rice and potatoes.

Sunday, November 14, 2004 by  
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This morning I went to pull off my shirt to take this week’s measurements and it was so painful that I almost couldn’t do it. Don’t worry, the pain was not in my shoulders – I’m just extremely sore from yesterday’s workout (which was absolutely incredible!) I started off yesterday’s workout feeling a little tired, but once I got past the first few sets I felt fantastic. The weights felt like they were made from aluminum, not iron. I love it when everything clicks like that. I’m so happy that my shoulders seem to be holding up this time around. I’m way past where I was last year when I blew out my right shoulder and so far this year they are doing great. When I started my bulk I made a deal: if my shoulders held out then I would definitely reach my goals. Well, so far my shoulders have made good on their end of the deal, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to drop the ball on my end. I guess the real question is, what kind of weirdo makes “deals” with their shoulders? 😉

After my workout yesterday, I had the honor of another series of pectoral cramps (second week in a row). Yesterday Lisa and I went over to her parent’s house for dinner and on the way over there BOTH of my pectoral muscles cramped up! I almost had to pull off the road. It kept happening for about 10 minutes, then it went away. Now I’m just really, really sore. If you’ve never had the, er… pleasure of a pec cramp, it’s pretty unreal: the cramp starts where the pec meets the underarm and travels in a straight line down the chest muscle to the nipple. When it was happening I was half laughing and half wincing in pain. Lisa was looking at me like I was possessed. Of course we had the car’s top down, so I’ll bet other people on the road were wondering from which hospital I’d escaped.

I had trouble eating all my food yesterday, and today I’m eating even more! I have to say, I’m really enjoying the extra carbs (brown rice and potatoes so far). I’d almost forgotten how much I love rice and potatoes! Adding muscle is a very slow process compared to losing fat, but bulking is way more fun than cutting so it all balances out! 🙂

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