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Bulking plans are finalized – here they are, and what to expect.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004 by  
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I sure am enjoying all this extra food! I think my body is adapting very well to the increased caloric intake and increased carbs: after an initial water weight gain, my body seems to have shed the water weight and is back to down 186.4 pounds this morning (yesterday morning I weighed in at 190 pounds, and on Monday I was at 189.2 pounds).

My All The Whey Milk Protein Isolate will be here today, so tomorrow is really the first day that my new bulking diet will be in full swing. I’ve also decided to skip my pre-workout protein shake with fiber on weight training days, and replace it with some real food. So now I’ll be eating some cereal (Kashi “Go Lean”) and a piece of whole grain toast about an hour before my workout. Of course I’m going to continue to eat rice and potatoes with lunch and dinner as well, and then close out the day with a Milk Protein Isolate shake. Tomorrow’s meal plan will be about 3,500 total calories: 82.75 grams of fat, 370 grams of carbs and 330 grams of protein. I’m going to continue this plan until my bulk is over at the end of January.

I’ve spent all morning adding new food items to my spreadsheet and getting ready for the last half of my bulk. Tomorrow, leg day, will be the official launch of the second half of my bulk. I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders: I’ve got my training program, rest and diet planned to perfection. I even went out yesterday and bought some new lifting music to get me extra pumped up in the gym (Hatebreed and Fear Factory). I’ve never been more pumped or excited about working out. You can expect to see some excellent gains out of me over the next couple of months.

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