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Can you really get high on life?

Friday, November 19, 2004 by  
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Don’t you love it when you wake up in a great mood? My pager has been mercifully mute the past few nights and, as a result, I’ve been sleeping very well. It’s amazing what a profound effect a good night’s sleep has on me. I’ve been going to bed at 10:30 PM and waking up (without an alarm!) around 6:15 AM feeling rested and happy.

You know, years ago when I was a pot smoker I used to think I was happiest when I was stoned. I once thought the expression “get high on life” was a naive attempt to trick me into quitting the weed. Back in my drug days, the notion of living a sober life was completely alien to me. “Get high on life? Bwhaha – whatever!” I thought of sobriety as a cheap consolation prize for those who were too scared to do drugs. I’m totally serious. But I had it all wrong. The reality is I was a chronic pot smoker because I was too scared to face life sober. It’s been years since I’ve smoked pot, and I will never, ever smoke it again. I loved it so much because it let me hide from my fears and problems instead of dealing with them. Once I stopped smoking it, I could no longer avoid my demons. I had to face them and kill them. It was hard at first, but now I wake up on mornings like this one feeling 100 times better than I ever felt when I was stoned. That’s not a load of crap. I really mean it.

Get high on life? You’re damn right – I do it every day.

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