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More on kicking weed to the curb.

Saturday, November 20, 2004 by  
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I’ve received an overwhelming amount of email in response to yesterday’s update. About half of the emails are from former chronics who managed to kick the habit, and the other half are from current smokers who want to quit but have not yet done so. I also received a few emails from recreational smokers, who do it maybe once or twice per month. I didn’t mention this yesterday, but I see nothing wrong with the occasional use of weed for those who can handle it. I tried moderation back when I was a smoker and it never worked. I, like most habitual users of marijuana, am simply not capable of restraint when it comes to weed. Chronics are called “chronics” for a very good reason: we either smoke it daily, or we don’t smoke it at all. People who use pot only occasionally are in a completely different category than the chronics, just like occasional drinkers can’t be compared to alcoholics. For potheads there really is no middle ground: we either smoke daily or we reform and give it up completely. I’m happy to be back in control of my life and a part of the later group, but I don’t judge those who still choose to toke up.

Many of the emails I received asked me how I finally quit smoking the weed. That part was simple: I quit smoking it, and swore I’d never touch it again. I got rid of every pipe, pipe cleaner, paper, screen, lighter, ashtray, bong and roach clip in the house. I know it’s really, REALLY hard to lay down the nuggs for good, but let’s be honest – pot is not heroin. You’re not going to wind up in the corner of a basement bathed in a cold sweat puking between convulsions. Mentally I was miserable for a few weeks: nothing seemed fun; I felt like my best friend had died; if I had a bad day there was nothing I could do except deal with it. At first all these things were very scary for me because for over 10 years I hid from my problems and fears. Suddenly having to deal with real life again was like waking up from a warm nap by having a bucket of acid thrown over me. After the first couple of weeks I began to think about pot less and less, and I started to enjoy life a lot more. I actually started to feel like I was a kid again – life felt new and fresh! It was completely amazing. Oh, and the dreams. When I quit smoking pot I had the most amazing, vivid dreams every single night! I actually went to bed each night excited about what my mind would conjure up next. If you are a pot abuser and you want to quit, I encourage you to do just do it. I know how hard it is, but once you get past the first few weeks you’ll never regret it. If you need help dealing with your problems then get some help – don’t keep running scared.

It’s Saturday, and you all know what that means: a huge spleef, cold pizza and cartoons!! Yeah, right. I’m off to the gym to do my favorite workout of the week: pecs, delts and triceps. Today’s inspirational music selection is proudly provided by Hatebreed. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwk!

Yeah, I’m in a great mood again today… 🙂

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