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I’ve reached my original chest goal; progress update.

As of this morning I’ve reached my original goal of a 42 inch chest! I’m going to keep going for the last 2 months of my bulk and see if I can’t hit 43-44 inches. My arms are still a little shy of 15.5 inches (cold/flexed), but I have a feeling by this time next week they’ll be there. 16 inches, here I come…

Ever since I upped my calories and started eating more carbs I’ve been packing on the pounds. I’m up to 196.8 this morning! That’s over 6 pounds added compared to last Saturday. A good deal of the weight is water, though: Thanksgiving food is high in salt, refined sugar and fat. Those kinds of foods are alien to my body and, as expected, I’m very bloated and water-logged right now. My face even looks puffy! I’m drinking tons of water so hopefully all that crap will be flushed out of my system soon. Last night’s cheat meal pizza probably didn’t help matters (I should have skipped that, but oh well.)

All this food does have its benefits: I feel exceptionally strong and energetic this morning, and the music playing in the background is getting me fired up and ready to lift. I love that feeling right before a workout – I get so pumped that I feel like I could bench a small country for reps. 😉