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Last night’s teleconference available for download; Dumbbell prices.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004 by  
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I want to thank Jeremy Likness for having me on his program last night – I enjoyed it a great deal. I’d also like to thank those of you who called in. It was wonderful speaking with all of you! If you missed the program, the interview is available at no charge on Jeremy’s web site – just follow this link and scroll down to “Recent Events and Calls” and you’ll see it. After you listen to the interview, be sure to check out some of the samples of Jeremy’s full-length audio products. They are excellent, and well worth your time.

I’m disappointed. I wanted some dumbbells for Christmas, and Play It Again Sports is the only place in the Orlando area (that I’m aware of) that sells heavy dumbbells (55 – 100+ pounds). I went there this weekend to look at some 75 and 80, 85 and 90 pounders, but they raised their prices! Last week the dumbbells were 55 cents per pound and now they are a whopping 69 cents per pound. That’s like a 100 dollar increase just for the four sets I need. I really need these dumbbells for the rest of my bulk, but paying almost 70 cents per pound for a few hunks of iron is ridiculous. Does anyone in the Orlando area know of a good source for heavy hex dumbbells at reasonable prices? Not Sports Authority – Sports Authority and places like that usually only have up to 50 pound dumbbells. If you do know of a place, please start up a thread in the Fitness Equipment forum or email me. Thanks.

Time to go to war. Today it’s back, biceps and traps. I’m feeling exceptionally good this morning so it should be one hell of a workout!

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