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More on kicking weed to the curb.

I’ve received an overwhelming amount of email in response to yesterday’s update. About half of the emails are from former chronics who managed to kick the habit, and the other half are from current smokers who want to quit but have not yet done so. I also received a few emails from recreational smokers, who do it maybe once or twice per month. I didn’t mention this yesterday, but I see nothing wrong with the… [Read more]

Added Saturday, November 20, 2004 by

Can you really get high on life?

Don’t you love it when you wake up in a great mood? My pager has been mercifully mute the past few nights and, as a result, I’ve been sleeping very well. It’s amazing what a profound effect a good night’s sleep has on me. I’ve been going to bed at 10:30 PM and waking up (without an alarm!) around 6:15 AM feeling rested and happy. You know, years ago when I was a pot smoker… [Read more]

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Even more food; Happy with progress; Arms; Music.

I’ve decided to up my carbs/calories even more than I said I was going to in yesterday’s update. Today I’ll be eating about 3,700 calories: 85 grams of fat, 412 grams of carbs and 338 grams of protein. I know I’m probably going to add a little more fat eating this much food, but I want to make sure I’m giving my body plenty of fuel to grow. If I gain a little more fat… [Read more]

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Bulking plans are finalized – here they are, and what to expect.

I sure am enjoying all this extra food! I think my body is adapting very well to the increased caloric intake and increased carbs: after an initial water weight gain, my body seems to have shed the water weight and is back to down 186.4 pounds this morning (yesterday morning I weighed in at 190 pounds, and on Monday I was at 189.2 pounds). My All The Whey Milk Protein Isolate will be here today,… [Read more]

Added Wednesday, November 17, 2004 by

Short update – important meeting this morning.

This is going to be a short update: I’ve got to update the page, workout (back, biceps and traps – yay!), eat, clean the kitchen, shower, get dressed and get downtown for an important meeting this morning. I’m feeling great this morning, and am looking forward to a productive workout. See ya tomorrow!

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Nice weight gain this week; State of the Bulk.

After gaining only 1.8 pounds from October 25 – November 8 (2 weeks), the extra food, extra sleep and stepped up intensity in the gym seems to be working. Last week I gained 3.4 pounds! While some of that weight is fat and some of it is water, I can tell from my measurements that I’ve added some quality muscle as well. Yesterday I ate over 3,300 calories and, unlike the day before (3000+ calories),… [Read more]

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So very sore; More pec cramps; Rice and potatoes.

This morning I went to pull off my shirt to take this week’s measurements and it was so painful that I almost couldn’t do it. Don’t worry, the pain was not in my shoulders – I’m just extremely sore from yesterday’s workout (which was absolutely incredible!) I started off yesterday’s workout feeling a little tired, but once I got past the first few sets I felt fantastic. The weights felt like they were made from… [Read more]

Added Sunday, November 14, 2004 by

More plans for the last half of my bulk.

After being stuck at just above 15 inches for about a month, my arms have finally overcome their plateau and, as of this morning, they are right at 15.25 inches (flexed/cold). My chest has grown pretty consistently and continues to do so: it’s up to 41.5 inches as of this morning. My traps still have a long way to go, but they are noticeably larger than they’ve ever been. It feels great to be closing… [Read more]

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Bulking diet adjustment: more food and more carbs!

My bulking results have started to taper off over the past few weeks; an adjustment is needed! The obvious answer is that I need more food to support the lean mass I’ve already gained, and more food to continue to grow. I’ll begin to ramp up my daily caloric intake over the next week. I’m already getting plenty of protein and healthy fats, so I’m going to be focusing on eating more carbs, particularly on… [Read more]

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Thanks to my sponsors!

I’d like to start off this morning by thanking my two supplement sponsors, All The Whey and Kent Nutrition. This update is not part of my advertising “deal” with them, I just wanted to do it because I’m so happy with their products. There’s no question about it: part of the reason my bulk has been successful so far is directly attributable to the quality of the supplements I buy from these two companies. The… [Read more]

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