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Half an inch to go to reach my goal of 16 inch arms; Yesterday’s workout.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004 by  
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Perfect timing: I have exactly 2 months left in my bulking program and my arms measure exactly 15.5 inches as of this morning! All I need to do now is add a quarter of an inch per month over the next 2 months and I’ll reach my goal of 16 inch arms. If I continue to grow as I have been, I wouldn’t be surprised if I hit my goal a few weeks early. That’s cool – I’d like my arms to be over 16 inches at the end of my bulk, that way when I’m done cutting they’ll probably be right at 16 inches.

Yesterday’s workout was very good, but not great. I went up in reps (but not weight) for my dumbbell curls and hammer curls, and I went up in weight (added 5 pounds) for my barbell curls while managing to keep the same reps that I did last week (6/6/5). My back and traps workout was very good. My traps are really starting to come in now. A few more months of shrugs should do the trick. I don’t want them super huge – I rather like having a neck.

It’s ab day and I’ve got a very intense workout planned. This is gonna hurt!

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