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Lisa leaves for Mexico this morning. I’m stuck here doing squats.

Lisa’s employer sure knows how to treat their managers right! Lisa and all the other managers who work for her company (I think it’s hundreds of managers – she works for a very large company) are all required to attend quarterly management meetings. Now I know what you are probably thinking: “Big deal. Boring pep talks over stale coffee and a lousy Continental breakfast in the local Holiday Inn convention room.” Not even close. Every meeting is held in a new and exciting locale, and there’s actually very little meeting and lots of time to have fun. Her company takes care of all the expenses (except alcohol). So, this morning while I’m grunting out squats, Lisa will be boarding a luxury ocean liner and heading out for an awesome 5-day cruise to Mexico. I wish I could go, but there’s no way I can leave my job right now. Drat. I really wanna go! I can already hear the Owen Wilson quotes she’ll hurl at me in jest when she returns (“Hey John, can you bring me some of that green tea I had while I was free-climbing the Mayan Ruins with spider monkeys?”) Sigh…

Oh well, I’d better go get the workout done while I can; I have a lot of work to do today. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!