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Body shots and nude twister; Cheat meal calories; Missing Lisa.

Friday, December 3, 2004 by  
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Lisa’s off enjoying a “business” cruise to Mexico, so I stayed up all night doing body shots and playing nude twister with some hot college chicks I picked up at the mall yesterday. I’m so tired and hung over this morning I can’t see straight, but oh man… it was worth it!

Okay, maybe my evening didn’t go down exactly like that. Actually I just ate some chicken, bread, rice & broccoli, played with the dogs for a while, drank a protein shake and went to bed at 10:00 PM. I went crazy and put a few extra shots of butter spray on my bread. Yeah, I’m a party ANIMAL. Someone hold me back. I’m out of control.

It’s funny, today’s my cheat meal and my calories came in at several hundred LESS than I normally eat! I have a CPK pizza scheduled, but I’m actually pretty sick of those so I’ll probably just order from Papa John’s or something. That should be sufficiently cheat-worthy. Maybe I’ll get some bread sticks, too. Damn, these be crazy days!

As you can probably tell, I already miss Lisa. It sure is quiet around here without her. The dogs sit staring at the door around the time she normally gets home, wondering where she is. Man, I would love to be on that cruise ship with her! I’ll bet she’s having a blast. Hopefully she’ll get some good pictures – I’ll post them when she gets back.

Have a great Friday!

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