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Thanks for the bulking progress comments; Lisa is back!

Tuesday, December 7, 2004 by  
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I want to thank everyone who emailed, private messaged and/or posted on the forum yesterday congratulating me on my bulking progress so far. I appreciate all the comments a great deal. It feels excellent to be injury-free and finally making the progress I always knew I was capable of. The 8+ months in which I was not able to do any upper body workouts was an extremely difficult and frustrating time for me, so my progress is especially satisfying. This morning I’m up to a little over 200 pounds!

Lisa’s back from her trip to Mexico! She brought back lots of pictures, but we need to have them developed (she didn’t take the digital camera because she knew I would need it for my monthly pictures yesterday. Was that cool of her or what?) She had a great time and brought back some really bad coffee beans, a couple of shirts, a shot glass from “Carlos ‘n Charlie’s” in Cozumel, and something for me that I don’t get to see until Christmas. It’s great having her back home, the dogs and I missed her a lot.

I’d better get started on my back, biceps and traps workout. Have a good day!

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