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Shoulder scare.

Wednesday, December 8, 2004 by  
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I had a bit of a scare with my shoulder yesterday. I had an excellent back/biceps/traps workout, but after my workout my right shoulder had the same dreaded pain that I felt when I first injured it. I remember that pain very well. I iced the shoulder down and took Naproxen with each meal. Today it feels better, but definitely not as good as it has been feeling lately. I know exactly what caused the problem: hammer curls. I was using a lot of weight and really had to struggle to get the last couple of reps up. My form was good, but that particular movement puts a lot of stress on my shoulders. I’m going to lay off the hammer curls for the rest of my bulk – assuming my shoulder is ok enough to continue my bulk. I guess I’ll know on Saturday how it’s doing when I attempt my pecs/delts/triceps workout. Until then, I’m going to keep taking the Naproxen and icing it down. I sure hope it’s ok because if I am unable to lift when I cut that is going to seriously eat into my gains. I’m going to stay positive and hope that I’m able to dodge this bullet.

I’m running a little behind this morning. I’d better go work my abs. See ya tomorrow!

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