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I gained over 15 pounds this past month – here’s how.

Friday, December 10, 2004 by  
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I’m getting bigger, so this week I’ve been upping my daily caloric intake again. Since Monday I’ve been eating around 3,800 – 4,000 calories every day. As I gain weight I need to make sure I’m giving my body even more fuel so that my muscles can continue to grow.

Back on November 12th I made some pretty big changes to my bulking program: I started eating a lot more food, I made sure I was getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night and I cut out all alcohol. Those changes have paid off big time! I weighed 185.8 pounds at 11% body fat on November 12th. Today, just shy of a month later, I weigh 201.4 pounds at 12% body fat. That’s a 15.6 pound gain in one month – and less than 5 pounds of that is fat! Take a look at my “2004 Bulking Phase” weight chart on my stats page and you can see exactly where I made the changes to my program. Also, compare the past 30 days to the 31-day period from October 12th – November 11th: during that period I was eating much less food, I was very stressed out from work, I was not sleeping well and I was drinking alcohol at least once per week (sometimes more). It’s no surprise that my progress was almost flat-lined: I gained less than 3 pounds during that time.

If you are bulking and not seeing good results, keep what I just wrote in mind. I’m convinced that ALL these things are NOT OPTIONAL if you want to grow: you’ve got to eat big, eat clean, get 8 hours of sleep every night, train hard and consume no alcohol. If you are not doing ALL of these things your results will suffer – end of story.

Bah, it’s a boring cardio day today. I’d better get started on that and then get to work. See ya tomorrow!

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