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A nice, short week ahead! Get over $200.00 in BTJ products for FREE?!

Monday, December 20, 2004 by  
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I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did! My Saturday workouts seem to set the tone for my whole week, and this past workout was pretty incredible. Of course I’m also in a great mood because this is going to be a short work week, and it looks like I’ll be able to take next week off! Sure, I’ll be on call and I will certainly have to do some amount of work, but for the most part I’ll be free to relax and catch up on things on the JSF side of my world.

As of this morning I’m up to 208.4 pounds! It’s looking very likely that I’m going to be at, or above, my starting weight from over 2 years ago by the time I finish my bulk. I guess all the people who said I was going to put the weight back on were right, but I’ll bet they never expected that weight to be in the form of lean mass! My January 6th update (2 year anniversary and the end of my bulk/start of my cut) should be very interesting, and well worth a read…

I swear, sometimes I think Jeremy Likness is crazy! He’s decided to GIVE AWAY (as in FREE) his Become The Journey audio CD. You will receive this CD by mail – all you pay is $5.95 for shipping and handling inside the USA (International shipping is $11.95). $5.95 ($11.95 Internationally) is exactly what the fulfillment house charges to press and ship the CD, with $1 added for handling. Jeremy does not make one red cent. In fact, every time someone orders a CD as a result of a click-thru from JSF, Jeremy pays JSF $6.00! I’m totally serious: Jeremy is taking a $5.00 LOSS on each CD because he knows that once you hear it you will want to check out his other awesome products and services. Jeremy’s e-Book, audio products and top-notch one-on-one coaching services are earning him rave reviews all over the Internet. His FREE Become The Journey audio CD is a fantastic way to get a feel for what Jeremy is all about.

I’ve saved the best part for last: Jeremy is also giving away over $200.00 in bonus material that you will download instantly after you order your FREE CD. So, not only will you get the Become The Journey audio CD, you’ll also receive at no charge instant downloads of the “Secrets of Fat Loss (Become the Journey)” Audio Collection ($14.97 value), the hour-long “Zen of Fat Loss (Threedom)” Audio Collection ($14.97 value), the 100-minute “Healthy for the Holidays” Audio Seminar ($27.00 value), the “Lose Fat, Not Faith” e-Zine ($147 value) and Jeremy’s 35-page “The Courage to Be Fit” Special Report ($35.00 value)! Don’t miss out on this incredible offer, order today!

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