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More on my cutting plans.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004 by  
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Three days to go and I can finally start cutting! I can’t believe how puffy my face has become over the past month. My thighs are tight against my jeans, and my waist is over 34 inches. I’d say I’m right on the edge of 14% body fat right now. I’ll probably be around 215 pounds by Saturday morning, so I’m going to shoot for 20-pound fat loss over the next three months. That should put me right at 195 pounds with 8% body fat. That amounts to about a 21 pound net gain in muscle after cutting. Not bad!

Even though I have much less fat to lose than I did the first time I lost weight, I see this cutting cycle as far more difficult. It will require a lot more patience and a very precise diet if I’m to preserve most of my lean mass gains. I’ve also decided to continue alcohol-free for the foreseeable future. Even drinking just once per week seems to have a profound effect on me. Once I reach my goals I may drink occasionally, but then again I may not – I don’t miss it at all.

While I was bulking I cut my cardio back to twice per week. I’ll be increasing that to 4 times per week while I’m cutting. 50 minutes of aerobic-level cardio on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I’ll continue to lift weights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I’ll also be working my abs twice per week, on Sundays and Wednesday.

I’ve just been publicly mussing over the past few days – I’ll lay all this out into a formal plan in Saturday’s update.

Time to hit my abs. Have a great day!

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