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Happy New Year! Final bulking stats; Cutting starts today.

Saturday, January 1, 2005 by  
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Happy New Year!

My 4.5 month bulking cycle is finally over! I’m 100% pleased with the progress I made, and I’m also surprised and amazed at how well my shoulders held up to the torture. In fact, my shoulders feel better now than they did before I started my bulk.

Here are the final bulking stats. I…

  • …gained 39.2 pounds, about 25 pounds of which is lean mass
  • …added 70 pounds to my bench press
  • …added 2.5 inches to my arms
  • …added 4 inches to my chest
  • …added 2.5 inches to my quads
  • …added 1.25 inches to my calves
  • …added .75 inches to my forearms

Complete stats including the actual measurements can be found on my stats page.

Now it’s time to start cutting! I’ll be cutting my calories back to between 2,500 – 3,000 calories per day. I’ll be doing cardio 4 times per week, and lifting 3 times per week (no days off). I’ll be eating very clean with just one cheat meal per week. No alcohol until I reach my goal of 8% body fat. I figure I’ll be around 190-193 pounds when I hit 8% body fat. We’ll see how it goes. I expect to lose some water weight right away (off creatine, less calories, less carbs), but after that I don’t want to lose any more than 2 pounds per week. If I find I’m losing more than that, I’ll bump my calories up.

One big difference between this cutting cycle and the one after my last bulk (which was cut very short due to my shoulder injury) is this time I can lift weights. That’s going to make a huge difference in my retainable gains.

Speaking of weights, it’s time for me to get started on today’s workout. Make today the first day of the best year of your life!

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