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Cutting progress report; Stats updated.

Sunday, January 9, 2005 by  
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I’ve been cutting for a little over a week now, and so far the most surprising thing is how much I need to eat just to maintain. After cutting my calories way too low the first couple of days, I moved back up to 3,500+/- calories per day and have been maintaining/losing at that level. Right now I’m still holding some water from Friday night’s cheat meal, so tomorrow’s weight should be interesting.

I stopped taking creatine over a week ago, so some of the weight loss is definitely due to that. As expected after coming off the creatine, I’ve also lost some size. I’m glad I overshot my goals, because I’ve lost about a quarter of an inch from every part of my body except my wrists and forearms. Of course this is normal and totally expected. I’m sure by the time I’m finished cutting my arms will lose another 1/4 inch, perhaps even 1/2 inch. That’s still a around a two-inch net gain after cutting, so I’ll be quite happy with that… for now! Next winter I will definitely bulk again. I think my ultimate arm goal is 17 inches, cold and cut. That means I’ll probably need to bulk to 17.5 or 17.75 inch arms (cold) next Winter.

I’m going to trim a couple hundred more calories starting tomorrow. I’ll be aiming for about 3,300+/- calories per day. I want to keep making “micro-adjustments” to my diet about once every week and then study the results. All this new muscle has thrown off my ability to predict my body’s dietary needs like I once could! These first few weeks of my cutting diet are a definite “feeling out” period – it’s like dealing with a whole new body. 😉

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