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Cutting progress; “I don’t want to get too big!”

Sunday, January 16, 2005 by  
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I think I’ve finally found the right cutting caloric level for me, as I’ve begun to lose weight again. Today I weigh 204.6 – the lightest I’ve been in the past month. I’ve lost a little muscle size, but nothing unexpected. My strength also seems to be holding up very well: I’m still lifting the same weights that I used during my final bulking workout, and I’ve only slid back a rep or two on most exercises. I’m also starting to notice more definition in my abs, and my clothes are fitting better. I’m pretty sure I’ll need to diet down to 190 pounds or so to get the look I’m after. I know I’m going to lose some more size as I continue to cut, so there’s no question that I’ll need to bulk again next winter (and probably the year after that, too.) Building mass while maintaining low body fat levels is a long and difficult road, especially when it’s done naturally. When people email me and say “I want to add some muscle, but I’m worried about getting too big”, I have to chuckle. Don’t worry – you won’t! When I read emails like that I always get a mental image of someone rolling out of bed, looking in the mirror and saying, “Oh my god, what have I done? Just look at me! I look like Ronnie Coleman – gross! I knew, I shouldn’t have done that extra set of skull crushers yesterday!”

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