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Cutting progress; Monthly pictures; New sponsor.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005 by  
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It’s been a month since I started cutting and I’ve lost 9 pounds. I’ve lost a little strength and size, but I attribute that mostly to the water loss and going off creatine. I’m lifting the same weights or, in a couple of cases, just 5 pounds less, compared to what I was lifting at the end of my bulk. I actually put on a little over a pound this past week, probably because of my extra cheat meal. It may also be time to shave a few more calories off my daily intake (maybe 150 or so).

I’m not real happy with this month’s pictures: I’m in between looking big from bulking and carrying too much fat to really show the muscles. I expect next month’s pictures to look much better, and the month after that to be very close to my goal. Slow and steady.

In case you missed the announcement, we’ve added a new sponsor! Check out the details and my review here.

I’m running way behind because I had to take my monthly pictures this morning, so I’d better get my workout done and get to work. It’s going to be another very long, difficult day but we’re getting there. I expect by the end of the week I’ll have completed 95% of the project I’m working on.

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