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Fat loss plan update.

Lisa and I had a great day yesterday. It felt really good to get out of the house, get away from everything and not worry about work. Thankfully my pager has not gone off even once so far this weekend. I hope that continues for the rest of today!

I only lost 3.2 pounds from January 6 – February 6. Not too good. I know I’m focused on conservative fat loss, but I think 3.2 pounds in a month is a little too conservative. I’ve been eating clean, so I’m probably just eating too much. I’m going to be cutting back on my calories some more and pushing things along a bit. One thing that’s different this time around compared to the first time I lost weight is now I’m under a lot more scrutiny. I have to admit that I’ve allowed a lot of “arm-chair quarterbacking” (a football analogy seems appropriate today, no?) to influence my fat loss plan this time around. I’m going to level with you all: sometimes it sucks having everything you do studied and picked apart by so many people. You know what? I know what’s best for me and my body, and I’m going to do what I think is best. No offense, but unsolicited advice – no matter how well intentioned – is not something I’m interested in hearing right now. 🙂